Using Paperclips in Root Canals

Many of us are very intimidated by the dentist. Whenever there is an appointment with the dentist no matter what our age is, we get a little scared because of it. It still is an anxiety inducing matter for many. However, if you had an appointment with this dentist then there are chances that your worst nightmares about going to a dentist might come true. In fact, you also could have developed health risks if you were treated by him. The name is Michael Claire, a fifty three year old dentist who has pleaded guilty to a no .of accusations, which have cropped up because of his substandard dental practice in Fall River Massachusetts.

Claire has been charged for prescribing drugs to people illegally, intimidating the witness, assault and battery and conning $ 130,000 out of Medicaid. In addition to all this, Claire has been accused of the most frightening of all charges that is using paper clips in root canals instead of stainless steel bar just to save a little cash from that. One should know that if their dentist puts anything other than stainless steel bar in their teeth, he is putting them in a big risk as it can cause severe pain and even infection in the mouth. The prosecution has said that Michael Claire was suspended by Medicaid in the year 2002 but he continued to file claims even after that between August 2003 and June 2005 by using forged documents in the name of other dentists in his practice located in the New Harbour Mall. The Herald News earlier reported that the trial was supposed to be held on 23rd Jan but things took a different turn when Michael Clair pleaded Guilty in the court changing his plea.
Paper clips in root canal

At the New Bradford Superior Court on the 30th of Jan, Michael Claire will be sentenced for the aforementioned crimes. His attorney, John Dingee of Taunton, Massachusetts did not return call immediately for comment on the whole thing. The Attorney General for Massachusetts, Martha Coakley told Fox 25 that this case is perfect example of someone who should not be practicing dentistry in Massachusetts or in that case, anywhere else in the world. The Herald News also reported that Michael Claire’s license, that expired three years ago in 2008 for a dentist had also been revoked in the states of Florida, West Virginia and Maryland.


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