Soft Drinks – Links to Asthma

Our knowledge till now linking asthma with the aerated drinks has perhaps been a little limited. Asthma is a disease that causes the lungs to get a little narrowed down and also a bit inflamed and hence makes the breathing difficult. Asthma has become quite common recently though the causes are yet unknown. The diet and obesity has often been rated as the leading contenders in this race. A rise in the consumption of the soft drinks also increases the risk majorly as the high content of sugar in the drink can enhance and promote the inflammation in the lungs.

It is well estimated that people who drank more than half a liter of soft drink daily had a higher risk of having the problem. These people have around 26 per cent higher chances of being affected due to this disease. A strong link has thus been provided by the researchers lately that relates asthma with the high levels of the soft drink consumed by an individual. This study has been carried out in Australia at the University of Adelaide. According to them the amount and quantity of soft drink consumed is very much related with the higher chances of having asthma or maybe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Soft Drinks

The studies also emphasized upon the value and importance of a good healthy diet and also proper drinking habits. Having a well maintained diet could reduce the chances of developing any such medical issues like asthma or COPD. This detailed analysis was also published in the journal Respirology. Around an estimated 17000 people were a part of the research analysis and the study was based on the people suffering from either asthma or COPD. Each of these participants’s eating and drinking habits were closely monitored and taken care of. The drinking beverages that formed an integral part of this study included coke, lemonades, flavored mineral water and powerade.

The percentage and probability of the people with asthma was calculated specifically in each case and the odds were found out to be around 1.26 and 1.79 for those who had more than a liter of soft drinks daily. The link between asthma and drinking soft drinks gets even more enhanced if drinking is complemented with smoking habits as well. The risk rises majorly for such cases and hence it is highly possible that people who have the soft drinks and smoking as a part of their regular regimen pose a greater risk to asthma.

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