Short Fasting Cycles Combined with Chemotherapy

According to study chemotherapy drugs when accompanied by severe but short fasting work in a much better way to treat cancer.  Infact fasting itself can effectively treat cancers in animals including the cancers from human cells. The study in Science Translational Medicine found that out of eight cancers in mice five responded to fasting thus supporting the above findings.

Valter Longo, professor of Gerontology and Biology Sciences at the University of Southern California said that chemotherapy combined with fasting cycles proved to be more effective than chemo alone. For instance, combination of chemotherapy and multiple fasting cycles cured 20 percent of mice with highly intense children’s cancer spread all through the organism and 40 percent of the mice with similar cancer with limited spread. However no mice survived with chemotherapy alone.
Short Fasting cycles

Professor warned that it needs several years of study and clinical trials to know whether or not human will be benefitted from this treatment. Trial with breast, urinary tract and ovarian cancer patients were conducted at USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, led by oncologists David Quinn and Tanya Dorff in association with Valter Longo, were submitted at annual meeting of the American Society of Cancer Oncologists. This was the first phase test to know whether patients can take interim fasts two days before and one day test before chemo.

In a case report as published in the journal Aging in 2010, 10 cancer patients who were involved in trials of fasting cycles developed certain side effects from chemotherapy. Longo also emphasized hat fasting is not a safe option for everyone. The clinical trials conducted did not enroll those patients who already have lost weight or who has other risk factors like diabetes. Fasting may also cause a drop in blood pressure and headaches which can be dangerous for patients.

In study conducted over mice, it was seen that fasting cycles without chemotherapy slowed down the growth of breast cancer, giloma, melanoma and human neuroblastoma. For all the cancers tested, combination of fasting and chemotherapy improved survival, slowed growth of tumor and limited the spread of tumor.

Longo’s interest in fasting and cancer grew from years of research on advantages of fasting in years and other organisms. A way to beat cancer cells is not finding the drugs that kill them but to confuse them by creating extreme environments like fasting that only normal cells can rapidly respond to, said Longo.

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