Psychiatric medicines are effective for treating physical malady

A research team from the Technishe Universitat Munich in Germany, with Professor Stefan Leucht as lead, studied the Meta analysis of psychiatric drugs involved in the treatment of many physical disorders and found positive results for such drugs. Conditions like chronic asthma, hepatitis C, type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, bipolar disorders, ADHD and schizophrenia involve effective use of Psychiatric drugs which are found as beneficial medication. Researchers examined the 48 Meta analyses of trials of 48 drugs used to treat first four conditions mentioned above along with 33 Meta analyses of 16 psychiatric medicines used for last three of the physical conditions. All these trial have given effective results that will bring a new turning point in the medical field.

The study was named as “putting the efficacy of psychiatric and general medication into perspective: review of Meta-analyses” and was published in the British Journal of Psychiatry 2012. The main objective of the research was to explore the unfamiliar effectiveness of psychiatric drugs to treat physical conditions in comparison with other major general medical drugs.
Psychiatric medicines

In their researcher over psychiatric drugs, the researchers compared the effect sizes of drugs with 0.8 and more as high effect size and 0.2 as low effect size of the drug. They noted that some of the general drugs exhibited high effect size with proton pump inhibitors with effect size of 1.39 and interferon with effect size of 2.27 as examples. Former medicine is used in the treatment of acid reflux whereas later one is used to treat hepatitis C. Also there are some other drugs, commonly used, like aspirin and statins that had small effect sizes of 0.12 and 0.15 correspondingly. It was found that the psychiatric drugs normally had the effect sizes lying in the similar range to that of general medicines, for example, antipsychotics had 0.92 effect size and antidepressants showed 0.64 effect size.

Talking over the finding of this study, lead Professor Leucht said that the study supported psychiatric drugs as effective treatments for physical disorders just like other general medicines used. With the help of randomized controlled medical trials, the effectualness of psychiatric drugs can be proved. He added that though the effect size of some general medical drugs is found to be higher than those of psychiatric agents, but their efficacy cannot be gauged as inferior to those of normal drugs.

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