Preparing your body for the ski fatigue injuries

An expert on snowboarding and skiing said that muscle fatigue after a day of skiing or snowboarding could result in your techniques becoming sloppy the next time you are out on the snow. This can further result in you getting injuries and accidents which can end your season altogether. So one must avoid muscle fatigue at all costs when they go for snowboarding and skiing. For this there are various forms of exercises that will keep you fit for a the injuries that you might get due to muscle fatigue and help you recover out of them as quickly as possible.

Dr. Ed Laskowski, co-director of the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Centre, says that if you prepare your body physically beforehand then it can protect you from sustaining any kind of injuries at all. Dr Ed Laskowski is himself a former competitive alpine skier. If you are planning to go on a skiing holiday, it is always advisable to prepare your body by doing different types of conditioning exercises for the long days that you will spend on slopes skiing or snowboarding. In a clinic news release, Dr. Laskowski said that what can help you train your muscles are the endurance exercises, which also have an element of aerobics in them. If you do proper training of your muscles before going out for skiing then the fatigue that you will have after a daylong session of skiing or snowboarding will not result in any kind of muscle injury. In order to better control your body while skiing and stabilize yourself while manoeuvring you will have to take up strength training that focuses on the major group of leg muscles and especially those which are used for skiing or snowboarding.
ski fatigue injuries

Dr. Ed Laskowski said that one should also perform core exercises, as it is a good idea that will help you to link your upper body movements with your lower body movements. In addition, in order to lay emphasis on stability, you must do balance exercises. Exercises that are skiing specific and that prepare you, for example for the side-to-side motions used on the slopes while skiing, and other similar ski specific motions should also be done. One such exercises as told by Dr Laskowski is that jumping from side to side over a line of coloured tape that has been pasted on the ground using both of your feet but one foot at a time.

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