PPIs poses fracture risk to post menopausal women

After the age of 40 or 45, Indigestion, acidity, heart burns, peptic ulcers etc becomes a common problem. Though it sounds a common and small problem but many other health risks arise because of this. Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are one of the solutions to curb this problem. Proton pump is the reason behind stomach acid. PPIs used to be a boon for such patients as until now only mild side-effects such as head ache, nausea, abdominal pain and skin rashes were there but according to a recent study, women who have reached menopause are at a risk of hip fracture because of regular use of PPIs.

Basically, PPIs interferes with the way body absorbs calcium which explains the risk of fracture. Also, PPI block the release of gastric acid in the stomach which is also used for release of vitamin B12 from food. Hence there is vitamin B12 deficiency in the body. This leads to abnormal functioning of nervous system. Chances of hip fracture was 35% higher in women who intake PPIs for at least 2 years regularly than the non-users. Longer intake implies increased risks to such fractures. A latest study report shows that there is a large increase among the number of women consuming PPIs which is alarming.
menopausal women

The risk is much higher with the women who smoke and are also constantly consuming PPIs. Though, it is also concluded that this risk of hip fracture is not incurable and it can well be brought back to normal by cutting down the consumption of PPIs for a year or two. More than 40% of the population usually suffers from problem of indigestion and hence there is a great need of some alternative to PPI. With such adverse effects of using PPI, it would still be tough to stop using it because of the quick relief it provides. Hence a drug similar to PPI which has no such side-effects would be very helpful.

There can be nothing better than Regular exercise, a well balanced diet and proper care to one’s health so that a situation of indigestion never arises and there is never a need to consume PPIs. Many home remedies can also be tried to curb indigestion problems. Also, if PPIs are used in a controlled way by post menopausal women after they cut down their smoking then its health risk is majorly reduced and it can again become the master of all drugs.

PPIs poses fracture risk to post menopausal women
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