Orphan Drugs – Insurance Coverage

What happens when a patient suffering from acute illness and life threatening disease is treated with loads of medication and so much so that the amount spent on it turns out to be really huge? The insurers do justify such like spending no doubt in the form of orphan drugs. These are the extremely costly and expensive medicines that are to be used for some chronic illness or rare and life threatening situations. This money as some would agree, on the other hand, could well be used in providing greater health benefits to the other patients. These expenditures can well reflect upon the conditions that govern our societies.

Here we tend to follow the rule of rescue and tend to give preference to the saving of an individual’s life over any other thing. This definitely does not even take in to the account the expenses that are incurred in such cases. But the overall application of this method can be a little difficult to carry out as the personalized medicine produces more number of medicines that are usually targeted at a small number of people. New target therapies are coming to the fore front that will be capable of treating just a few suffering from some genetic issue instead of a blockbuster drug that can treat millions in one go of their problems.
Orphan Drugs

The decisions for Orphan drug coverage do show the tension and problems that exist in the health care in doing the maximum good thing possible with limited amount or the resources and in assisting and helping the individuals despite of the high cost involved. There are certain believers of this theory and they have proposed an ethical model that covers almost all the details like the coverage and the reimbursement decisions for these expensive orphan medications.

They believe that there is higher moral propulsion to help the patients whenever they are treated as separate individuals and not as any anonymous member of some group. Special priority must be given to saving the lives of those people who are really having a threatening and endangered sickness. The life saving orphan therapies and the ones that are capable of restoring and maintaining the capacities that are important for the functioning in the society should well be considered and covered under this theory. Potential health gains must be found out to decide if they are able to provide meaningful benefits or not.

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