Mars Inc. Renovates its Chocolate Products

In an effort to augment the nutritional content of its products,Virginia based Mars Inc. which is the world’s leading confectioner, has decided to cut down the size of the chocolate bars produced by it. In a drive to sell such products more healthily and responsibly the firm, towards the end of 2013, is determined to halt the sale of chocolate products which contain more than 250 calories. The initiation of this mission was done long back between 2002 and 2010 when 97% of trans-fats were removed from the chocolate products manufactured by the company.

Through the information available at the company’s website it can be learnt that chocolate products produced by Mars Inc including Snickers, Twix , Mars etc…are coming down in size. A statement on the web pages of Mars Inc says, “We are aware of the high levels of obesity, heart disease and diabetes in some regions where we operate, and we are taking steps to enhance the nutritional content of our snacks. We are renovating our chocolate products to reduce saturated fats and decrease calories per serving and innovating to give consumers greater choice.” If this information of the company, which manufactures seven of the best selling chocolate brands globally is to be believed then king size chocolate bars which contain around 540 calories will be part of the history.
chocolate products

Mars Inc has always been a step ahead in understanding social responsibility and making an effort towards it. It was the first to declare a global commitment to end advertising confectionery products and food items to the children under the age group of 12 years in 2007. As against the average of the major 25 chocolate brands in UK and the chief European markets, the brands Snickers, Mars, Topic and Milky Way already contain 35% to 45% lower saturated fat per 100 gms of serving.

Two smaller bars have replaced the king size bar, for instance, Snickers Duo in UK. The company seems to adhere to its commitment to ship not any product exceeding 250 calories per portion. Similarly, a 2toGo version has been launched in the US where memory wrappers that can be twisted to close are used so that each bar is packed separately and can be consumed later on by the consumers. According to the company sources, if more than a quarter of the audience is likely to be kids below 12 years then the advertising space is not bought by it.


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