Internet has an important role in lives of Pregnant Women

Internet plays many roles in our life and most important among them is the role of a ‘Doctor’ for providing antenatal or prenatal information. The Internet is widely used as a source of pregnancy related tips and information. Midwives, expecting mothers and soon to be dads, all of them at some point use internet for keeping themselves updated about pregnancy related knowledge.

Since Pregnancy is a very crucial and long period of nine months, special care and precautions need to be taken by the expecting mother. Many changes occur in the body and many unexpected and sudden events might occur at any point so one must always be prepared for it. To gather all the information, Antenatal classes are common to all and almost everybody attend such classes. According to a study, almost 93.5% of the sample of people attending antenatal classes used internet as the source of Information. For this, one must have the knowledge of famous and trusted websites. Just Log In, read and feed your brain some Information. It is Easy- peasy. Isn’t It.
Pregnant women

We need tips at all times- before, during and after the pregnancy and hence for that we have Midwives. Midwives are specialist women who provide all sort of care and help to the expecting mothers and dads throughout their journey of this tough period and even after that. Midwives offer lower maternity care cost and their expertise leads to low mortality also. As they have such an important role, they should keep up to date and provide their patients links to high quality websites which are secure and trusted. Midwifery should be more exposed to the knowledge of latest sites which can be helpful. In some areas where internet access is not available, midwives help the patients by telling them all that is latest about pregnancy over the internet as they have access to it.

According to the study, there was also a majority of 90% people who didn’t have the knowledge of the websites hosted by some not-for-profit organization who deals into pregnancy related problem. They all used commercial websites which were not helpful enough. Some of them were not secure and their policy of keeping cookies, policies of transfering information to third parties for some reference poses a suspicion all the time. So, having access to internet is one thing and knowing which websites to use is another important thing. Many problems might occur when some infamous websites are used for help. People have been guided on this concerned issue. Also, there have been cases where in midwives fear of being replaced by internet and they do not provide proper website links to their patients. For this, everybody should be very very careful in taking help from internet. Though this doesn’t deny the fact that internet is actually very helpful for antenatal information.

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