Infectious diseases – 200 Years Back and at Present

Infectious diseases are still considered to be a cause of epidemics in many countries. No state can predict any infectious disease, it has potentially far reaching effects and causes change in the future of many nations. In an essay which was published in the recent publication of “New England Journal of Medicine” to earmark 200 years, scientists from National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) which is an arm of NIH told that infectious diseases are undoubtedly one of the major factors which played a crucial role in human history.

Infectious diseases, when they are spread, everybody turns out to be clueless. Certain key advances were traced to know and fight infectious diseases and find out different methods between microbes and human in years to come. Infectious diseases have resulted in widespread epidemic for many years. The death of President George Washington is still alive among many of us. Experts still look into the 1799 death of United States President George Washington which was caused due to bacteria epiglottitis. Since then, there have been many discoveries done which have achieved some of the breakthrough results in curing infectious diseases. Some of these breakthrough results were done by identifying microbes which have lead to specific illness.
Infectious diseases

There have been a large number of antiviral and antibacterial drugs that were found which have worked as a vaccination so that it can prevent infections. These vaccinations have played a key role to save millions of lives and also to reduce the burden of actual human suffering. Some of the key successes in these vaccinations and to eradicate infectious diseases have come as the elimination of smallpox. Some of the pathogens like HIV have swept the entire world and have damaged societies to a great extent. There have been a constant fight going on between the microbes and human ingenuity which was required to address the emerging illnesses that has faced challenges of infectious diseases. The challenges were addressed in many scenarios to meet the unexpected and expect what comes next on the way.  The newly developed vaccines are tried and tested in many ways to suggest the mankind of the possible solutions for curing the deadly diseases.

Although vaccines have been discovered for many of the deadly diseases which have caused widespread epidemic in the past, scientists still face challenges with the new diseases. Researches are going on to find out the new vaccines.

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