High Fructose sweetener consumption a threat to teens hearts

A latest study finds out that taking high amounts of foods and beverages, rich in fructose sweetener, is linked with heart diseases and diabetes risks in teens. Teenagers who consume large quantities of such stuff show strong evidence of cardiovascular risks and also decreased levels of heart protectors such as good cholesterol (HDL) and protein adiponectin.

The study was conducted with 559 teens, grouped within the range of 14 to 18 years of ages. Their diets were rich in fructose content and found to be associated with diabetes and heart related measures such as high blood pressure, high glucose abstaining ability and insulin resistance. They also showed signed of other inflammatory factors that are directly allied with vascular and heart disease. What’s worse is the foods and beverages loaded with the strong sweetener damage the natural heart disease resistance of the body of teens.
High fructose sweetener

According to the medical College of Georgia, the growing bodies of the young consumers develop a craving for fructose sweetener which is why companies manufacturing foods and beverages target adolescents. Actually, one of the forms of fructose found in fruits (high fructose corn syrup) is commonly used in processed items which teens are very fond of.

The study, published in the Journal of Nutrition February edition, also contends that the link between high fructose consumption and cardiovascular disease risk factors is more unfathomed in teens with supererogatory belly fat. Excess body fat is also one of the key factors responsible for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and thus the combination of two is more hazardous among adolescents.

The co-first author of the study, Dr. Vanessa Bundy, who herself is a pediatric resident, addresses a college news release and said that it is vital for the society to keep an eye of the fructose and sucrose levels these young children are consuming at home and anywhere else and thus provide and sound balance of great quality food to the children. The food and nutrition given to children by their care providers will either lead them towards a healthy life with sound overall development or will possibly add to heart and diabetes risks at a premature age.  Bundy also said that it is the duty of parents and health care providers to set a good example of themselves in front of the teens which will surely encourage healthy nutrition in their lives.

High Fructose sweetener consumption a threat to teens hearts
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