Find the Best in Advantage Medical Modalities

For physical therapy modalities, is one of the best sources for shopping on the Internet. Over the past two decades, Advantage Medical has developed into one of the finest physical therapy suppliers on the web, offering clinicians not just low prices for high-quality products but also the expertise and support to help physical therapists put those materials to good use.

Advantage Medical modalities include a wide range of products, including items for massage and wellness, electrotherapy, and a number of other types of therapy. Read on for an overview of the site’s diverse product offerings.

Massage and Wellness
In the “Massage and Wellness” category of the Advantage Medical modalities section, the site offers a number of items that facilities higher-quality service for patients. Therapists can use a number of supplemental items in this area, including aromatherapy candles and massage tools.

Different therapists and patients have different preferences when it comes to massage lubricants, so offers a full stock of 141 different types of lubricant. Therapists can stock their clinics with lubricants packaged in small sizes to sell to patients, and they can also purchase in bulk, including tubs of high-quality lubricant at wholesale prices.

The Advantage Medical modalities section also includes a number of implements for electrotherapy. Clinicians can pick up supplies and equipment to fit all of their electrotherapy needs, from deep tissue modalities to diathermy equipment. also offers a number of combination machines that provide the highest quality of care. The Intelect Legend XT 4 Channel Combo machine is one of the most advanced electrotherapy machines on the market, allowing therapists to utilize a variety of electrotherapy techniques with one machine. The site also offers a number of pieces of equipment that fill electrotherapy and ultrasound needs in one.

Hot and Cold Therapy
Among Advantage Medical modalities are a huge range of hot and cold therapy implements. This segment of the website demonstrates the site’s breadth and depth of product offerings, as physical therapists can pick up every product they might need in order to offer high-quality hot and cold therapy.

For basic hot and cold packs, the site carries dozens of options from the leading brands in hot and cold therapy. That allows therapists to provide care at a lower price and transfer those savings to patients by selling these materials at a better value. The site also provides a range of analgesics (for hot and cold therapy in addition to other types of treatment), in addition to a huge range of other hot and cold therapy products.

Advantage Medical also has modalities to meet physical therapists’ needs for providing excellent hydrotherapy for patients. The site is fully stocked with Whirlpool equipment, allowing physical therapy clinics on different budgets to access the proper equipment to meet the needs of their patients. The Little Champ Whirlpool, for example, is available for $2,149, providing effective hydrotherapy on a budget. For clinics addressing greater needs in patients, the site offers equipment like the Whitehall Slant Back Whirlpool, which provides complete hydrotherapy service for over $9,000.

Customer Service

Advantage Medical modalities would not be quite so unique without the site’s excellent customer service. Over its two decades in existence, Advantage Medical has prided itself on providing service to professionals in ways other than through low prices. In addition to its selection, the site provides therapists with all of the instruction and training they need for putting Advantage Medical modalities to good use. has gone above and beyond over its long history in the physical therapy supply industry, and physical therapists in all types of situations can benefit from purchasing at this site.

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