Designing a Treatment Room with NewLife Spa Furniture

Whenever a spa or salon is in the process of designing a treatment room with New Life spa furniture for facials, massages or other services, the area usually requires a space of approximately 10’ by 12’. This amount of square footage will provide enough area for a massage table, or a facial bed, along with cabinets and storage space. If the room will contain a shower, even more square footage will be required.

Many salons and spas choose to offer a variety of services including massage and waxing, along with their facials. This allows every hour of the day to be scheduled with appointments to maximize profits and take advantage of fixed costs, paid by the salon or spa owner.

Necessary Special Features of New Life Spa Furniture
There are specific features required in every room used for facial treatments. These include:

  • The room should be located in an area that experiences low traffic and minimal outside sounds.
  • Creating a relaxing, comfortable, quiet room filled with professional grade New Life spa furniture.
  • Ensuring that the noise level remains low, especially in a busy spa or salon environments. This might necessitate installing sound insulation in the ceilings and walls surrounding the treatment room.
  • Installing a multi-function machine that includes brushes, high-frequency, vacuum suction and other tools used by the esthetician.
  • Installation of a counter top sanitizer, sink, towel storage, facial stool, retail products, and pertinent literature.
  • Relaxing, soft music with easy access to volume controls inside the room. Additionally, there should be an intercom that works in-house with speakers located in every room for easy communication. This minimizes the need for the esthetician to leave the room during the session.
  • Proper fixed and table lighting including incandescent bulbs, wall sconces, and dimmer switches. A dimmer control connected to the room’s lighting works best in a facial lounge to ensure the ultimate comfort for the client. It is important to have sufficient overhead lighting for spa treatments including waxing, where there will need to be complete privacy in the room, usually without daylight.
  • Adequate storage space is required. This means installing professional grade storage cabinets that have drawers with locks that can easily house a variety of small tools, and a large counter top to place an autoclave and UV sanitizer.
  • The electrical outlets should be positioned on both sides of the table, or facial bed, and at least one at its foot. There will need to be electrical outlets at the height of the counter to plug in the sterilizers and diffusers for essential oils, along with hot towel cabinets and the waxing unit.


The interior of the room should be decorated in soft, warm inviting colors that might include light pastels or natural tones. The flooring should be solid, either a decorative tile or wood. Accent colors should be used for the linens on the facial bed or massage table.

When creating a treatment room using New Life spa furniture, it is important to have a floor plan that is professional in design. Many common mistakes that are created when designing a facial treatment room will usually include a poor location, a lack of necessary space, the absence of a sink with plumbing, and not creating a plan that will maximize the room’s efficiency – much like a room designed for multiple purposes.

Properly setting up a day spa or salon treatment room can be a huge undertaking. It requires thoughtful planning and the best New Life spa equipment. Cleanliness and comfort should be considered in every detailed design to provide the best professional experience for every client. Doing so will ensure their satisfaction during and after every facial treatment or massage.

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