Choosing and Caring for Massage Sheets

The linens on the massage table are just as important as the table itself. A massage therapist could spend a small fortune on a premium, top-of-the line massage table, and if it is adorned in stained, unsightly sheets, then what’s the point? Each and every client deserves the highest quality of experience that the massage therapist can possible provide. Choosing the right linens and caring for them properly is an essential part of the job.

Experts recommend that a massage therapist should have at least two days’ worth of linens on hand at all times. This should be a conservative estimate and should be figured out according to what the busiest day would bring. Without proper linens, a massage therapy business cannot function, which is why the importance of having a large quantity should never be overlooked.

The sheets are one of the first impressions a client will judge the massage therapist on upon first lying down. It is so important that there are no oil stains from previous sessions. Sheets should always be freshly laundered so that the client feels immediately welcomed and comfortable.

Cotton and cotton blends are the most common massage sheet materials. Pure cotton is preferred by those who want a softer and warmer touch. These feel more luxurious than a cotton blend and are especially preferable during winter months. Cotton blends are more durable and wrinkle resistant, but they are not quite as inviting. Many massage therapists keep both on hand to use as required for each individual session.

There are other less common materials available as well, such as bamboo, soy, hemp, and other natural fibers. Organic cotton is another option for those who are looking to go green in the workplace. Many massage therapists pride themselves on living a natural lifestyle, and using environmentally friendly linens is a great way to contribute to a better planet.

It is important to launder linens as soon as possible, as stains can become far more difficult to remove if they have had time to set. It is recommended that linens are put into a solution to soak after each session, and then laundered towards the end of the day. Massage oils are known for staining sheets very easily, which is why it is important to get them soaking as quickly as possible.

Anyone who deals with other people’s health and safety should always consider carefully the ingredients in the products that they use, as many people are sensitive to certain soaps and detergents. Using a natural, non-allergenic detergent will ensure that no client ever leaves under anything but pleasant circumstances.

There is plenty to consider when choosing and caring for massage sheets and linens, but the best way to guarantee the best results is to shop wisely. Informed professionals choose massage warehouse sheets because Massage Warehouse is known for selling the best products available at the lowest prices anywhere. There are plenty of products to choose from, which means that there is something for anyone who is looking to expand their massage inventory.

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