Catholic Faith and Healthcare

The attorney couple who adopted a teenager from the Los Angele’s foster care system, Anthony Segall and Deborah Dentler were happy with the judge Michael Nash for the complete see through process in the children’s court. This was something which came as an important step after decades of deadlock and a stagnant situation in Sacramento. In fact, it is the will of other kids at the foster home that the media should learn about their experience. Besides, the couple also believed that her daughter would have held a placard which would have pointed to the fact that had the media come to cover her court hearings before, she would not have to find her parents for so long.

Responding to the enforcement by President Obama on contraception coverage for the employees of Catholic institution, many liberal and conservative Catholics agreed on the same. However, no religion owns the right to impose its ideology on non members and if any religion is allowed to do so, all faiths would have a freedom when it comes to any ism. Besides, in any religion, if there is a ban on preventive medicine for a particular gender, then it is something which is not fair. In fact, there are many women of Catholic faith who practice birth control and also Communion in spite of the fact that the modern popes banned birth control.
Catholic Faith

Besides, the controversy also gives a reason as to why the health insurance should not supposedly be sponsored by the employees. They are no-one to point the type of health insurance that you need.

Roger Boijoly and his counterpart engineers were aware of the disastrous consequences which would be encountered on launching the space shuttle, Challenger in chilling weather. Hence the senior managers have been blamed for the complete decision regarding the launch. However later in the article, it has been mentioned that the reasons which lead to the explosion of the Challenger included the engineering miscalculations. But the actual reason was the haughtiness of the management and also the political irresponsibility. In fact, the tragedy was the result of the irresponsibility of the managers who have succeeded in escaping the blame for the same. The same goes for the politicos who are honored deeply by the people who assist them. Finally the engineers have been left with the blame, that if only they could save the Challenger.

Catholic Faith and Healthcare
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