Autism goes hand in hand with other Disorders

If your kid has Autism then chances are that he is suffering from various other mental and behavioural conditions that go hand-in-hand with Autism. This shocking discovery was made in a recent study highlighting the fuzzy nature of the methods for the diagnosis of Autism. The researchers told that the other disorders that are present because of Autism like ADHD and learning disabilities always complicate the diagnosis of Autism and may slow down any kind of improvement in kids who are lucky to get diagnosed early in life.

Johnny Matson, who studies autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disabilities at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge said, “The most important message that (the study) underscores is that these children tend to have multiple disabilities, not just autism.” He was not involved in the research. Depending upon the age of the child, the conditions that were seen typically occurring together with Autism spectrum disorder diagnosed in the kids varied accordingly. This was found by Dr. Andrew Zimmerman from Massachusetts General Hospital for Children in Lexington and his colleagues.
Autism Disorder

The youngest kids with autism spectrum disorder were more prone to learning disabilities while the elementary school kids and teens were more bent towards anxiety, seizures and problems related to speech. Apart from this, the study also revealed that at the time the parents of the kids with an autism spectrum disorder were surveyed, a third of the kids no longer had the diagnosis. The study was published in Paediatrics and the researchers have noted in it that in the past, other studies have also revealed that some of the kids who have ever had an autism spectrum disorder, with time, are declared free of autism as they lose the diagnosis. The spectrum of the autism related disorders includes Asperger’s syndrome and “pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified,” or PDD-NOS and Autism.

The no. of kids in the U.S. having an autism related disorder has gone up drastically in the recent past and now the figure shows that one I every one hundred and ten kids in the U.S. is suffering from it. This is in accordance with the reports by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.  In the new study, a phone survey was conducted of about 92,000 parents who had kids of less than 17 years of age in the U.S between 2007 and 2008. A total of 1,366 of the parents said that their kid either in the past or in the present has an autism spectrum disorder.

Autism goes hand in hand with other Disorders
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